Song of the Heart: My Everything

Through a flood of emotions and trials what my enemy doesn’t realize is that in this time I don’t have a heart to turn away from God. All my troubles and desires make it all the more necessary to draw closer to my lifeline. When words fail me and my prayers have turned to pure tears my heart cries out that, I am His and he is all that I know and all that I have. He is all that I need when it feels like my world is closing in on me.

The song says:

I am empty will You fill me up
I know I’ll make it if You fill my cup
Yes it’s essential that I be with You
Cuz You are, You are, You are, my everything
Oh oh, oh oh oh Lord, oh oh
Oh oh oh…
I am longing to hold Your hand
You’ll pull me closer Christ on You I’ll stand
I know you’ll never leave my side
Cuz You are, You are, You are your my everything yes
Oh oh oh…
Yes, nobody can take Your place, I’m yours woah oh oh oh
I’ll cling to Your warm embrace, I’m yours, woah oh oh oh yeah
Your love can not be replaced, I’m yours woah oh oh oh, yeah
I’ll cling to Your warm embrace I’m yours woah oh oh oh ooo
Oh oh oh…
Oh oh oh, yes oh your woththy yes, your worthy yeah
Oh oh oh…
You’ll pull me closer, Christ on You I’ll stand

Dorlita Blakely

Woman of God on a mission to spread love most of all, kindness and the truth about the Savior. I thank Him daily for saving and keeping me, bringing me into the knowledge of Him and steadily making intercession for me on behalf of the Father. Every lesson that I give goes to me first. I speak not as though I am different but that I am the same as any other follower of Christ, seeking wisdom and understanding from God and depending on Him fully to provide everything that I need in this life.

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